My Favorites

Disey's Snoop-A-Rama
The Scoop on Snoops!
"The Snoop-o-rama is a private weekly e-mail newsletter for collectors of Peanuts and Snoopy." You can't go wrong in joining this list. Disey cranks out weekly news, products, and a want/sell list for those collectors you must have it all!

Super cool gal and great information about Snoopy collecting in Hong Hong and Japan.
You can't have a favorite list without including the holy grail of Snoopy sites.

Maureen's Snoopy Room @ Stardust & Alchemy
Long time Snoopy friend, artist, Mac fanatic, and obessive collector ... especially of Japanese Snoopy.

NASA's Silver Snoopy Award
Sean would be so upset if I didn't include the link to NASA's Snoopy Silver award. From the site: "It is always a special honor to receive this award. In fact, fewer than 1 percent of the space program workforce receive it annually."

Who wouldn't want to work for NASA to win one of these!

Jym Dyer's Peanuts Bibliography
An excellent source on Peanuts books.

Independant Snoopy and Peanuts collectibles site. Cool website design, btw. =)

Santa Rosa's Snoopy Gallery and Gift Shop.


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